Mooi Jezelf Zijn en de grenzen van schoonheid door Dokter Marsha Wichers


A search for the
boundaries of beauty


The project 'A face of my own' was started as a vlog in which Marsha takes you through an exceptional approach to her work field in cosmetic medicine. Because she is an artist as well as a doctor, she approaches the malleability of beauty from a different angle. She shows what is possible and how facial enhancement works.

During this search it becomes increasingly clear where the boundaries of beauty and
malleability lie. A cosmetic procedure can reach the summit of beauty, but can
sometimes cross the border..

Episode 1 | A silicone mold of my face

In this first episode I had a silicone mold made of my face. I went to @carola_brockhoff from Unreal studio for that. They also make special effects prosthetics for film productions. That was a special experience ;-)

Episode 2 | Jawline tightening

In this episode I show you how I make a clay imprint of my own face. I will work with this clay replica and discuss the options for tightening the jawline. Nowadays a lot is possible, such as biodegradable hyaluronic acid fillers, plastic surgery and Energy Based Devices.

Episode 3 | How many ml is needed for a jawline?

In this episode, I'm going to judge my face by the golden ratio. That is the beauty ratio that forms the basis of all beautiful things in nature. I'm finding that my jawline and chin need to be changed to fit the golden ratio. During the operations I will show you how much filler is needed to perform such a treatment. I work with clay and this gives you a good idea of ​​the changes that are needed. You soon notice that these types of interventions are not done with a few milliliters....

Episode 4 | A nose job

In this episode I'm going to perform a nose job on my sculpture. I discuss why the nose and profile are so characteristic of a person's face. A rhinoplasty can really change your appearance, but that can of course also be exactly what you want...

Episode 5 | Lip augmentation

In this episode I'm going to fill my lips. I find out that I need a lot more than half a milliliter of filler in my lips to get anywhere near the current beauty ideal. At least if I can believe the trends on Instagram .. Actually, this scares me. Not all women naturally have full lips, so how feasible is this ideal? And when you're injecting a lot of filler in lips that are naturally thin, can you expect a nice natural result at all?

Episode 6 | How many milliliters are needed for a lip augmentation?

Several viewers asked me how many milliliters of filler is needed to perform a lip augmentation. In this vlog I will take you along and we will count how many syringes I will use. I also explain where the limits of the achievable lie. And I zoom in on the end result.

Episode 7 | The end result, am I still myself?

The sculpture of my face has undergone a transformation. "I" have a streamlined jawline, a more prominent chin, a smaller nose, much fuller lips and a tighter neck. But am I still myself? To be honest, I don't recognize myself as 'me' anymore. I may fit a bit more into the perfect picture of social media, but the qualities that are so characteristic of who I am are gone.

Take home message

With this project I hope to give you more insight into the story behind the beauty images that we see. Beauty can be created nowadays, but character and personality is what makes a face unique. The trick is to emphasize your own beauty and to think carefully about whether shapes and features suit your face when following trends. When you decide to have your face done, see a good doctor who has a lot of experience. See if the person understands you well and has a good eye for beauty. This can also mean that the doctor in question can say 'no' to a request, because it does not fit your face.

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