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About Marsha Wichers, visual artist

Marsha Wichers graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague with both a bachelor's degree in fine arts and a master's degree in design. She specializes in making prints and ceramic sculptures and shapes her creations by building on existing elements of the natural world.


The central theme in Wichers' artistic expression is the transformative journey of organic shapes. She delves into the gradual metamorphosis of bodies into other organic forms, capturing this evolution through her experimentation with materials and structures.

Her sculptures are a testament to the symbiotic relationship between the human body and nature itself. They refer to human forms, where nature's essence weaves through, where decay is the birthplace of new life. Her work serves as a stark contrast to her other profession as a cosmetic doctor, where her role is to preserve beauty. In her creative domain, she discovers the intrinsic beauty that arises from the body's natural progression, where every transformation and change is a manifestation of life's eternal journey.


Impossible bodies 2020 (group exhibition)

Dutch Design Week 2019, Nomination and finalist for Young Talent Award (group exhibition)

Graduation show Design KABK, 2019

KADMIUM (group exhibition)

Galerie Per van der Horst Den Haag- Tapei, 2015 (solo exhibition)

’50 shades of’, MaCLOUD gallery Bilthoven, 2014 (group exhibition)

TAB@CLEMENT, gallery Clement Amsterdam 2013 (group exhibition)

AIR 9, Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam, 2013 (group exhibition)

NAKED, Pulchri The Hague, 2013 (group exhibition)

Kunstroute Leiden 2013, open atelier Haagweg 4, 2013 (group exhibition)

‘Gratis is het woord niet’, ECI Cultuurfabriek Roermond, 2013 (group exhibition)

KUNST Amsterdam RAI 2013, (group exhibition)

‘Gratis is het woord niet’, Pulchri The Hague, 2013  (group exhibition)

Pulchri Voorjaarssalon,  The Hague, 2013 (group exhibition)

Pulchri grafiek, The Hague, 2012 (group exhibition)

London Art Book Fair, 2012, presented by Timmer Art Books (group exhibition)

VERS! Kunstroute Leiden, 2012 (group exhibition)

Graduation show fine art KABK, 2012


Van Krimpen (2012)

Menzis art collection (2014)


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