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About Marsha Wichers, artist-designer

Marsha Wichers (born 1980) graduated in visual arts from the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague (KABK) in 2013.  A few years later she completed a master's degree in Design at the same art academy. The body, nature and the human condition have always been central to her work. Her work is characterized by the natural organic shapes and the soft color schemes. Initially, Marsha mainly made sculptures, but the emergence of new digital technologies and machine learning systems (AI) have changed her way of working. These technologies have become an essential part of her work process.

With her work she enters into a conversation with machine learning systems (AI), neural networks that can be fed with human input. These systems bring an element of surprise and new insights, which can then be reacted to. This creates a dialogue with different outcomes each time. These can be digital sculptures, material research and research on the human face.

With Project Face Design from 2019, Marsha had her own face analyzed by emotion reading software after undergoing a full Botox treatment. She showed that people can interpret complex emotions in a face more delicately than intelligent software.

Marsha atelier.png


July 2019

Project Face Design during Graduation show KABK Den Haag

October 2019

Project Face Design during Dutch Design Week. Nomination and finalist for Young Talent Award.

October 2020

Project Face Design during Impossible bodies

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